Jesus Christ is the center and focus of Holy Rosary Academy and Preschool. We strive to live and teach in accordance to the Gospel.  We are a Catholic community of believers who support the pillars put forth by the Diocese of San Bernardino:  Faith Sharing, Collaboration, Reconciliation and Hospitality. We share the Diocesan Vision of Hope to engender within our students and families an enduring love of learning.

We hold that:

  • Every child is a child of God, individual and free.
  • Teachers are the Christian models and mentors in the learning experiences of their students.
  • Parents and teachers work together to mutually support and facilitate the educational process for each child.

Holy Rosary Academy and Preschool is a teaching ministry of Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral that invites students to develop a personal relationship with God.  Our Catholic faith is infused into all aspects of learning while providing numerous opportunities for service and worship to develop and educate the whole child.  We promote a community of learners who participate in various acts of service to others creating an awareness and compassion for those in our community while engaging a global awareness and understanding of the responsibilities we have for others in need.  We assist our students in developing the necessary skills to successfully meet life's challenges and to be productive and responsible citizens who are followers of Christ.

Our Philosophy

School Wide Learning Expectations

​Profile of an HRA Graduate

An Active Catholic who:

  • shows respect for God, self and others
  • demonstates knowledge of theology and Catholic teachings.
  • prays daily
  • uses his/her own unique talents and appreciates the talents of others.

A Responsible Citizen who:

  • shows concern for global issues, such as current events, politics, and the environment.
  • accepts responsiblity for his/her actions.
  • respects cultural differences and beliefs.
  • takes on leadership and service opportunities.

A Life-Long Learner who:

  • seeks to acquire knowledge daily.
  • sets realisitic goals and pursues them with confidence.
  • accepts new challenges and adapts accordingly.
  • shows proficiency in academics and the arts.

A Critical Thinker who:

  • analyzes, evaluates, and draws conclusions to real-life situations.
  • knows where to go for information and how to interpret it.
  • uses technological resources to facilitate his/her learning.
  • articulates ideas clearly, effectively, and creatively.

A Self-Aware Individual who:

  • understand and applies self-discipline techniques.
  • participates in a variety of activities to develop his/her full physical and personal potential.
  • ​demonstrates good sportsmanship and realizes the importance of teamwork.
  • ​recognizes responsibility for his/her own achievement.